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Buschmann Laboratory and Medical Technology (in german: Buschmann Labor-und Medizintechnik) was founded at the end of the year 1986, as an extramural, non-commercial research organization in Munich, Germany by Professor Johannes Buschmann (M.D., PhD) (holders). Since its foundation, BLM has been funded by the licensing and contract research for industry and public research projects and reports. BLM has its headquarter and the laboratory with workshops located at Hohenaschauerstr. 92 in Munich.

Buschmann Laboratory and Medical Technology deals especially with the metrological approaches to physiological parameters. That is a central theme of sensors, especially optical sensors and signal processing theory. Because physiological parameters often produce very small signals, our key priorities are developing signal processing and micro demanding algorithmic methods to improve the signal to noise ratio. The quality of a signal from sensor to display is often a decisive factor determining the measurability of a given physiological parameter.

We collaborate with several American and European companies in medical technology (e.g., Utah Medical, Healthdyne, Respironics), and many universities and hospitals at home and abroad. BLM maintains close links with the Institute for Real-time computer systems, RCS, the Heinz Nixdorf Institute for Medical Electronics and the Institute for Technical Electronics.

Academic activities
Prof. Buschmann regularly holds four different lectures series in the field of medical technology at the Technical University of Munich. There are always doctoral theses, graduate student theses and internships available in this topic.