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Our services for industry
  • Basic Research
  • Applied Research
  • Research Consulting
  • Prototyping

What services do you require?
  • You have a fundamental medical question for which you require a technical solution?
  • You have already developed a product for a medical or biological application and need to adapt it, or improve it for the market?
  • You are a manufacturer or distributor for medical technology and are looking for new ideas, new products, or new markets? Alternately, you are not yet established in the area of medical technology but are looking to diversify?
  • You have a concrete concept for a medical or biological application and are interested in a technical realization of this product?

Our range of services
  • We can “brainstorm” your ideas, questions and concepts with you
  • We help you clarify the realizability of your idea
  • We suggest ethical applications for new technical medical products
  • We plan possible realizations of concepts
  • We build the necessary test assemblies for you
  • We develop necessary hardware and software
  • We complete functional models for you
  • We carry out concept tests/experimental/clinical trials
  • We document and evaluate the scientific and economic qualities of the fundamental tests for you
  • We support you in the development of prototypes
  • We provide advice regarding manufacture and marketing
  • We provide advice regarding the chances on the market
  • We carry out new developments as well as improvements or innovations upon established medical technologies

Our specializations include:
  • Circuit development for medical functional models
  • Circuit development for medical technical prototypes
  • Extremely low noise amplifier
  • Symmetric and asymmetric, differential, mixed analog-digital transmitters
  • Security technology

We are always happy to take on or be involved in contract research for interesting projects.

We have close relations with other universities, both in Germany and overseas. Our interdisciplinary perspective enables us to find the most economical solutions where others have failed.

We welcome any enquiries from people with research needs that cannot be completely realized in-house and are happy to discuss ways in which we can contribute to your projects.