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Innovative High-tech Pulse Oximetry at BLM
The most reliable and ‘noise free’ pulse oximetry method is that of Transmission Pulse Oximetry. In order to adapt the already well established Transmission Pulse Oximetry to fetal monitoring, a sophisticated sensor had to be developed. In addition, entirely new algorithms had to be designed for processing fetal transmission pulse oximetry signals in the presence of troublesome motion artifacts. The combination of algorithms recently developed by BLM made it possible to perform accurate pulse oximetry even during the inevitable physiological movements of the fetus during delivery. The motion artifact rejection potential of the BLM pulse oximetry algorithms perform exceptionally well against MASIMO ® und NELLCOR ® and even outperform them. Thus we achieved an obstetric monitoring system which at last enriches obstetric surveillance with an unbiased technology.

Applicator (MTLD = Magnetic Torque Limitation Device)

Algorithms for the measurement and analysis of noisy biosignals

Techniques for Calibration of Pulse Oximeters at BLM

The Problem and Its Solution - an Introduction

We are leading experts in Fetal Pulse Oximetry. Fetal Transmission Pulse Oximetry is exclusively represented by BLM.

Our other important fields of specialization include High Motion Pulse Oximetry (pulse oximetry in the presence of inevitable sensor movement) and Low Perfusion Pulse Oximetry (low modulation depth).

BLM has developed an "optical fetal scalp electrode" (FOTOS = Fetal Optical Transmission Oximetry Sensor) integrating optoelectronic elements into our fetal scalp electrode (millions of such sensors, developed by BLM are used each year in obstetrics).

This innovative, miniaturized sensor FOTOS provides true Transmission Pulse Oximetry for the continuous monitoring of the unborn child. This patent protected technology represents pioneering work, as clinical trials are proving every day.