fetal pulse oximetry
mobile human sensor technology
pulse oximetry algorithm
pulse oximetry
blood glucose-sensor
mobile temperature measurement
mobile pulsoximetry
non-medical development
development for commission
Development outside of medical technology
A spin-off development from BLM is a highly sensitive monitor for detecting movement and warping. It has applications in many areas, for example:
  • Perimeter protection
  • Building security
  • Access control
  • General safety
  • Site security and Industrial property security
  • For securing covering sheets on building sites or for pavilions and outdoor conventions
  • Securing doors
  • Securing stationary objects such as Artworks

The Principle
Light guides are placed in a bendable substrate (such as carpets, mats, floor coverings, chain-link fences, tarpaulin) or fastened to an object (e.g. a door or artwork, as the case may be). Light is sent through the light guide and the amount of light transmitted is measured. Where the light is bent, (for example where someone walks upon the carpet, displaces the mat, moves the fence, lifts the tarpaulin, attempts to move a painting, opens the door etc…), the amount of transmitted light will be changed. In principle any displacement or change in any object can be registered by the light guide, enabling this to be monitored.

over traditional techniques
  • Invisible dectector for movement and displacement, this means potential trespassors have no means of knowing if there is a security system installed or not or indeed whether it has been set off or not.
  • The system requires no infrared technology
  • The system requires no ultrasound technology
This system has been patented

BLM is currently looking for a business partner for this project.