fetal pulse oximetry
mobile human sensor technology
pulse oximetry algorithm
pulse oximetry
blood glucose-sensor
mobile temperature measurement
mobile pulsoximetry
non-medical development
development for commission
Since 1990 BLM has produced research theses, mostly by electrical engineering and information technology students from the Technical University of Munich. Thus far, more than 30 master theses, bachelor theses and engineering works for BLM have been produced. There are many new topics available covering basic research issues as well as current research projects developing new technology. We welcome enquiries from students interested in the interdisciplinary border between medicine and technology.

Medical doctoral theses
We are currently offering the following work: If you are interested these or similar topics, please feel free to contact us.

Master theses
Currently, the following projects are available:
If you are interested in similar topics, please feel free to contact us.

Bachelor theses and internships
If you are interested in Bachelor theses or internships, feel free to enquire, see contact.

Working student
Currently one position is open for the following work:
Conversion of an existing software from MS-DOS to Windows XP. The software is written in C / C + +. There are fundamental classes to program.