fetal pulse oximetry
mobile human sensor technology
pulse oximetry algorithm
pulse oximetry
blood glucose-sensor
mobile temperature measurement
mobile pulsoximetry
non-medical development
development for commission
  • Biosensor – sensor development with appropriate processing of lowest signals
  • Non-invasive heart catheters for the analysis of cardiac output/cardiac power. Here we investigated completely intervention-free procedure for a non-invasive heart catheter which allows quantative monitoring of the ejection fraction and the cardiac output.
  • New parameters for the non-invasive checking of blood vessel elasticity
  • New generation of stethoscopes
  • Laser-Doppler-Flowmetry: new applications of a proven principle
  • Biooptics (blood optics & tissue optics)
  • Non-invasive sensor concepts / biosensors
  • Electric signal receivers, acoustic signal receivers
  • Non-invasive sensor systems
  • Development of a device for the removal of the smallest forms of varicose veins (capillary ectasis)

We have already submitted some very interesting physiological parameters to detailed examination and believe that by applying the modern possibilities of measurement in conjunction with parameters already known and used 80 or 100 years ago, a very interesting and absolutely new field of human sensor technology can be opened up. Of particular importance in this respect is the processing of very low signals as well as the Signal-Noise improving algorithms, which have already been discussed and described in our pulse oximetry – algorithms.